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Who We Are

Who We Are



We strive to become the partner of choice in the ICT sector and to be recognised as its preferred employer, fostering a culture of integrity, service, excellence performance, social responsibility, passion and innovation.



To deliver quality and cost effective solutions to our clients in a manner that exceeds expectations. To assure our clients of our personal attention and professionalism at all times



We value service excellence. We uphold intergrity towards our clients. We are client centric in our approach to our customers and we strive to consistently maintain a high standard of service to our clients.

Maredi Technologies

Providing ICT Infrastructure Solutions

Maredi Technologies started trading in 2010 with a vision to provide ICT Infrastructure solutions to public and private sector clients. Maredi Technologies is 100% black-owned and 30% woman owned. Our company’s primary goal is to provide clients with turnkey solutions which are both cost effective and operationally efficient. This is made possible by the significant experience and knowledge acquired by our management team which boasts years experience in the ICT sector.

Comprehensive ICT strategies are designed through consultation with the client, and proposals and implementations are put in place on a per project basis, leveraging the power and expertise of strategic partners wherever necessary. Partnering with these strategic partners ensures that the client investment in specific systems is protected, and that fundamental changes to ICT systems are generally avoided.

Our Services

We delivery Quality and Cost Effective Solutions through cultivating a company culture which supports our service delivery.

Maredi Technologies strives towards total compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, No. 85 of 1993 with special reference to the Construction Regulations of 2003. Health and Safety tops the priority list at Maredi Technologies. Government has placed and is continually bombarding us with piles of regulations to ensure that all life is protected, preserved and prolonged in the working area. Maredi Technologies takes Health and Safety beyond the call of compliance and elevates it to lifestyle. We are an organisation that values our workforce. People are the core our business, both those that we have employed and those that we deliver our services to.

It is with great enthusiasm that we’ve embraced the Health and Safety Act with its regulations. We’ve implemented it fully and communicated its importance to all concerned. Health and Safety is our most exciting department. We wear our PPE with pride, we take care of it with the understanding that it takes care of us.

Our procedures are “on point”! Developed over time by our most experienced technicians with strict regards to the Act and assistance from training facilitators. We have gone beyond the limits of the “norms” to ensure that work is always carried out in a safe way.The support of management and the way they view Health and Safety has made the implementation of safety acts a smooth transition. Minimising incidents and limiting carbon footprints from our activities are listed priorities on our policy statements. If it can be recycled, it will be recycled. Our drivers have gone for trainings that ensure sensible driving, and our cars are fitted with devices to ensure that we take the shortest routes to site to limit carbon emissions.

Where we are now is only but a start. As we venture into the future, we expect to unleash improved safety practices, more environmentally friendly activities, and establish better ways to preserve, protect and prolong life.

Telecoms is our business, safety is our way of life.

The process begins at sourcing our staff. When hiring, we pay attention to academic inclination, experience and, most importantly, character. Character is the one thing we never over look, because being a part of Maredi Technologies, is being a part of a “Family”. Maredi Technologies always offers all its members the opportunity to upgrade academically. Over the course of the year we have incorporated students, who have since graduated and have been developed to become permanent employees of Maredi Technologies. As a “Family” we ensure all people from all departments gather together to celebrate each ones birthday. We always look forward to a birthday! We try by all means to have a lively social life within our working environment. One of our attempts to achieving this, is our monthly braais.

The procurement of our tools always has the person who will be using them in mind. Yes, we care! It may be big it may be small, whatever the size of the tool, it is important. Our tools and assets are all that we have in delivering our work at site. The adversity of the sites that we work at, has led the company to upgrading its vehicles and GPS systems to enable us to reach all places safely and efficiently.

In our promise to listen to our customers we continue to improve our quality and standards in delivering our services.

Maredi Technologies operates on the belief that business development comes from the satisfaction of our current clients this requires that all of us ensure optimised quality at all times.

Our Clients

Maredi Technologies are proud to have supplied services and solutions to the following clientele.

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